This Is Weird: Every Single Fashion Girl Owns a Pair of These Shoes

Most trends die out quickly. Only a handful of trends emerge and end up sticking around for several seasons. Even fewer trends go on to become full-on wardrobe staples. Among the chosen few are boxy blazers, slip skirts, and the topic of today's Ted Talk: white shoes. Formerly the shoes that only the most forward women in fashion had in their closets, now it's safe to say that everyone and their mother owns a pair of white shoes, and for good reason: They literally go with everything.

Ahead, we're rounding up the seven types of white shoes you'll find in every fashion girl's closet. From fancier styles like mules and loafers to staple flats and sneakers, you'll soon see that white shoes are the most stylish choice you can make in every footwear category under the sun. Prepare to get inspired by the following outfit ideas; then find your favorite pair from the shopping selections among them. Time to make a shoe purchase your future self will thank you for.


Mules are the most versatile shoe pick imaginable since they transcend seasons and style types. In white, they're arguably the wisest shoe investment you can make since you can wear them wherever, whenever.


Once regarded as a trend, white ankle boots seem to return season after season in new shapes. Kitten or block heels, square or pointed toe, you can't really go wrong.


Before you reach for yet another pair of black pumps, stop yourself in your tracks. Will your outfit pop as much as it would if you chose white pumps? The answer, my friends, is no. With prints and colors, opting for white pumps ensures your shoes feel intentional and not as an afterthought.


Flats aren't usually thought of as the most forward shoe style, but in crisp white, they elevate whatever outfit you wear them with. Truly a no-brainer pick for comfy everyday shoes.


White sandals are not only the perfect base to summer's floral tops and printed dresses, and they help bring out your natural glow.


A pair of simple slides is a summertime must. Packing for vacation? White slides are guaranteed to go with whatever's in your suitcase, taking half the stress out of packing and outfit planning.


White sneakers have completely sidestepped the trend cycle and went straight to the land of basics. Ask any fashion girl and she'll tell you that her white sneaks is always on rotation.

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