7 2019 Trends We're Already Sick Of (and Those That Have Legs)

Outdated Fall Trends 2019



Now that we are halfway through 2019 (shocking, I know), it's about time we reflect on all the trends we've been frantically accumulating over the past six months. There's no shame in quickly obsessing over a trend, but there's also no shame in quickly abandoning it either. They are trends for crying out loud—that's what they're for! As we begin to dip our toes into the fall/winter season, I thought it would be wise to check in with our editors and find out which 2019 trends they are already sick of in addition to the ones they are still very much into. 

If you still love the trends these editors are retiring, then, by all means, wear them. This is simply a guide to help you navigate what to potentially put away as you make room for that fabulous new fall wardrobe that's coming down the pipeline. From luxe leather to the return of oversize bags, the selection of trends that our Who What Wear editors are saying still have legs is so chic, you'll be wishing summer was already over. 

Over: Animal Print

"Animal print mania is a trend that got way oversaturated in my book. Of course, all kinds of animal prints will forever come back in style, so hold on to that leopard-print slip skirt you bought. Also, I'm not categorically shelving the trend for now. I'm still into small touches—a cow-print mule or a tiger print bag, but I'm ready to rest my louder animal-print pieces for the year."

Into: Plaid 

"Instead, plaid is a really safe bet pattern-wise for fall given the bourgeois trend that will dominate the season."

Over: Neon 

"While I don't think all things existing within the '80s trend, in general, are going away anytime soon, I think we can all agree that neon was a bit of a one-season wonder. It's one of the least wearable trends of the year." 

Into: Luxe Leather 

"Leather clothing (both real and faux) will stand the test of time. The luxe, elegant look is something that will never go out of style."

Over: Hair Clips

"Hair clips have started to feel over-saturated on my Instagram feed, so I'm predicting they're on the way out."

Into: Square-Toe Shoes

"Square-toe heels will continue to be huge for the second half of 2019, especially open toe and boot versions. They may be controversial, but I'm 100% behind them."

Over: Tie-Dye

"My head is spinning from seeing too much psychedelic tie-dye on my Insta feed, and I'm now officially over the California-cool trend. I'm ready for a hearty dose of minimalism! Thank you, next."

Into: Mock Croc

"Mock-croc shoes and bags are a trend that's here to stay. They add a luxurious-looking touch to every outfit, and will continue to be a super-wearable and versatile trend no matter the season."

Over: Belt Bags

"While I'll definitely continue to use my beloved belt bag for gym days or weekends with a lot of walking involved, I think I'm over them as far as trends are concerned, and I don't imagine buying a new one anytime soon (which is always a good test)."

Into: Oversize Bags

"Meanwhile, I think we've only seen the beginning of the move toward oversized bags again. As much as the thought of parting with my many mini bags pains me, you can't argue with the runway evidence."

Over: Seashell Jewelry

"I think seashell jewelry's moment in the sun has passed."

Into: Cameo Jewelry 

"Right now, I'm super into cameo jewelry instead. I've already collected a few vintage cameo necklaces I found on Etsy and eBay, but Sophie Buhai is one designer who's designing the prettiest modern versions." 

Over: Big Dad Sneakers

"I feel like puffy dad sneakers have had their moment. Those overly aggressive and intentionally 'ugly' styles feel a tad overplayed at this point."

Into: Sporty Sneakers 

"An alternative to that trend is a sneaker that is a bit more sporty in nature. They are a bit sleeker and definitely more forward."