The Types of Sweaters That You'll Wear for the Next 6 Months

You know it’s finally sweater weather when the leaves start to fall and the days become shorter. As you partake in your yearly routine of taking all your fall and winter staples out of storage—including your favorite sweaters—you can rejoice at the stylish warmth they will provide despite the weather. It's a good thing, too, because for the next six months, alongside your scarves and coats, your sweaters will be in constant rotation. Whether you restrict your oversize sweaters for the weekends and off-duty occasions or love to wear your fitted cashmere sweaters to the office and the occasional party, sweaters—no matter the type—are a foolproof way to keep your outfit the right amount of casual and chic. Plus, who doesn't love feeling cozy?

If, this season, you find yourself in need of more sweaters in your rotation, feel like your whole sweater drawer needs a refresh, or mistakenly put your favorite sweater into the dryer only to find it ruined forever, then we're bringing you a quick recap of a few types of sweaters you should be buying and (eventually) wearing nonstop. To aid in the process, we've also broken things into categories—fabric and fit—but also offer some basic care instructions so that you never have to bid adieu to your favorite sweaters ever again. Find a sweater for all your style preferences (and respective weather) ahead.



Cotton sweaters are always reliable. Even though they're on the lighter side of the sweater spectrum, they can be easily layered with other tight tops. Plus, if you opt for a textured version, it adds an edge to your outfit.


There are many types of wool sweaters. Whether you opt for merino, sheep, Shetland, or even a wool blend, this fabric you'll most commonly find in-store. It's also the coziest.


Say hello to the softest, coziest, and most delicate fabric for your sweaters. Also, luxury. That being said, it's pretty pricey, but the investment is well worth it because you'll never want to take it off.



Turtlenecks are such versatile sweaters. They basically have a built-in scarf, when you think about it. They're also perfect for layering under low-neck dresses (if they're formfitting) or even over dresses (if they're more oversize). The possibilities are endless—and cozy!

Crew Neck

You can't go wrong with a casual crew neck. They're the most common sweater fit you'll find, probably because they're just as perfect for layering over shirts and turtlenecks as they are styled with denim jeans or work trousers.

Mock Neck

Not a crew neck, not a turtleneck, a mock neck (just as the name suggest) lies perfectly in between. 


Dry Clean Only

The first step in cleaning any sweater is reading the care tag instructions. Depending on how you look at it, "dry clean only" might be the most straightforward because you just take it to the professionals and let them handle it. If not… 

Hand Wash

Typically, washing a sweater by hand in cold water with a delicates-friendly detergent will prevent them from pilling and shrinking. As for drying…

Do Not Hang

After you wash them by hand, don't use your dryer. Simply gently squeeze out any excess water and let the sweater dry on a flat surface. If you twist or hang it, you risk altering its shape.

Are you ready for sweater weather now?