11 Easy Summer Outfits That Require Just 2 Pieces

As much as we enjoy using our love for fashion as a way to get creative with the outfits we wear, sometimes—and especially during the summer—we want something simple to just throw on and go. No matter what you have planned for the coming months, two-piece summer outfits will make getting dressed easier (and let’s not forget time-saving).

Sure, we love a classic T-shirt-and-shorts combo for the hot summer days, but we also know that you’ll want to mix it up when it comes to creating cute and simple outfits. So we rounded up our favorite looks to get you started. From a summer blouse and denim cutoffs to a slip dress layered over a white tee, you won’t believe how simple putting together these ensembles will be.

Rather than spending an extended amount of time figuring out the most creative ways to layer, let these looks spark some sartorial inspiration the next time you’re looking through your closet.

These outfits will make getting dressed this summer so simple.