New Yorkers Swear By These Simple 2-Piece Outfit Combinations

Skinny jeans, blazers, cool sneakers, all-black outfits, vintage handbags—there are certain fashion trends New Yorkers do exceptionally well. And though I may be biased (I'm from here after all), I would be remiss not to mention shorts on that list as well.

New Yorkers have a pretty small window of time during the year to take advantage of all the shorts outfits they can. Think about it: Not only does the weather need to be just right, but for so many of us who spend our weekdays at work, the occasion needs to be appropriate to show off a little—more like a lot—of leg too. You better believe that when we finally slip into a pair, we make the very most of our two-piece outfits with short-and-top pairings that are creative, cool, and, luckily, not too tricky to replicate.

Below we outlined our favorite ways New Yorkers are wearing shorts right now, so you can follow along and do the same.

Now don't forget pretty summer tops to complete the look.