Trust Me—Buy These 23 Things

Did you catch my Trust Me—Buy This post last time? If so, you’re ready to start shopping! If not, read on.

If you’re new to this, once a month I share my favorite fashion pieces of the moment but with more of a personal spin than your usual shopping roundup. These special selects are the items I’ve been loving not only online, but IRL too. With a little help from my shopping-focused Instagram account, @trustmebuythis, where I share my own snaps of items I’m into at the moment, I get to both show and tell you what I’m really wearing this month. Common themes to expect? Handbags, dresses, beachwear, and shoes—just some of the things I hoard—and, of course, a mix of high-end investment pieces and budget-friendly steals I think you’ll love. Simply to continue on to see and shop my picks!