Our Editor Slack Channel Is a Treasure Trove of Cool Fashion Finds—Take a Peek


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Like many companies, here at Who What Wear, we are very active on Slack. We fashion editors particularly love it for sharing hot-off-the-press fashion news, celebrity style, major trends and micro-trends, along with plenty of cool and new shopping finds. In fact, we have a "trends and market” Slack channel dedicated just for this. Editors chime in daily with cute pieces they’ve tried or chat about a standout detail they’ve seeing on the runways or a cool trend they’re spotting everywhere on Instagram. Needless to say, I personally get a ton of inspiration from the channel and have purchased more than a few pieces for myself because of it!

Since it’s such a fun and inspiring channel that is only limited to our small group of editors, today I wanted to let you in on some of the recent pieces we’ve been slacking about to give you an inside look into our channel. The quotes, comments, and finds below are from a variety of editors on our team. Perhaps you’ll find something cool that you’ll want to shop for yourself. Take a peek.


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"Ugh, Reformation is so cute right now."


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"New naked dress watch...!"


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"Cute ballet flats brand to keep an eye out for!"


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"Let it be known this Topshop sweater looks expensive IRL and is actually very comfortable."


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"Don't know if anyone has seen it IRL yet but this Open Edit dress is a winner!"


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Judith Jones
Senior Fashion Market Editor

Judith Jones is the senior fashion market editor at Who What Wear who specializes in shopping content and trend stories with high-affiliate impact. She shares the coolest, most desirable fashion market finds and brands for every budget. Previous to working in fashion, Judith worked as a TV host on the PBS travel show Globe Trekker (airing on Netflix and Amazon Prime) sharing her passion for travel and culture.