10 Trendy Spring Outfit Ideas That Just Hit Different

Putting together any outfit let alone a trendy one feels painfully exhausting these days. With that in mind, I thought it would be best to select spring outfit ideas that are in fact on-trend, but that are also very approachable in terms of recreation. That combination right there is what has the following 'fits hitting just a little different than any regular forward look would. This also means that should you want to buy anything from the below selection, you'll be buying items that aren't just a fleeting trend, but pieces that can be combined with other elements of your wardrobe to create a look that still reads current. 

Below, discover 10 trendy spring outfits from some of my favorite fashion girls featuring everything from sweatpants to chunky loafers. If you're anything like me, you've been craving an excuse to get dressed and I have a feeling the below arsenal of outfits will have you feeling inspired once again. 

You'll Need: Knit Polo + Tailored Shorts 

It's not every day you see a monotone light blue look, but thanks to the 'fit above, I am so feeling it. 

You'll Need: Big Button-Down + Sweatpants

Instantly elevate a pair of plain sweatpants with an interesting button-down and simple jewelry. 

You'll Need: Knit Dress + Classic Loafers 

Off-set a funky knit dress with a classic loafer. The combination will read unique yet trendy. 

You'll Need: Bright Shirt + Bright Pants 

Creating an interesting outfit doesn't have to require anything fancy. Just create a fresh color combination with two colors you might normally not pair together. 

You'll Need: Halter Top + Relaxed Trousers

Sultry tops are no longer meant for a night out on the town. Instead, fashion girls are wearing them at home with really relaxed trousers. 

You'll Need: Trench Coat + T-Shirt + Bike Shorts 

If you're living in athleisure attire (because let's be real, who isn't?) then I suggest adding a trench coat into the mix. It adds a tad more polish without the extra effort. 

You'll Need: Shirt Dress + Chunky Oxfords 

I am predicting that the next big outfit trend will be short dresses and chunky menswear-inspired shoes. This outfit proves my point. 

You'll Need: Oversized Blazer + Crop Top + Relaxed Trousers

In case you haven't noticed, relaxed trousers are a major theme this spring and we love how approachable they become when paired with a fun crop top and coordinating oversized blazer. 

You'll Need: Leather Blazer Dress + Knee-High Boots 

Independently, each of these items is a wardrobe classic, but together, they create the trendiest outfit of all. 

You'll Need: Printed Matching Set + Bikini 

Last but not least, I wanted to leave you with a sampling of the sartorial goodness we have to look forward to this summer. 

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