Every Shoe Trend Celebs Are Wearing Now

Every time a celebrity posts another fire outfit to their Instagram, we kind of lose it. Whether we're 'fit stalking them or they're 'fit stalking us (weird but true), this is usually the ensuring series of events: Celebrity posts something to their Instagram. We screenshot, save, tag our friends, or all of the above. We then proceed to get our hands on the cool fashion item(s) in question.

Right now, celebrities' Instagrams are blowing up with trendy shoes. Styles like PVC sandals we were already obsessed with just got a major stamp of approval, while others we were on the fence about, such as clunky sneakers, suddenly just became much more appealing. Scroll down to see the stylish celebrity outfits and for further proof that A. Beyoncé can make anything look epic and B. "Dad" shoes are universally beloved.

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