9 Cheap Summer Items I'm Buying Because Celebrities Wore Them

There's affordable clothing, and then there's affordable clothing that celebrities wear. To me, the two aren't the same. I can see a $20 bikini online and feel nothing short of a semi urge to buy it just because it's $20. I can then see that exact bikini being worn by a celebrity I'm not even a huge fan of and instantly go into shopping fight-or-flight mode. Get the picture? Sometimes when it comes to cheap clothing, we need that little extra validation that we are buying said item because it's actually cute and not just because it's under $100.

With that said, I am the queen of buying things I don't need, but the below celebrities just convinced me to buy nine cheap items that I don't regret at all. From the perfect white bikini to a cherry-print dress that won't break the bank, shop the under-$100 items celebrities with killer style have just essentially added to my cart.