Every Trendy Accessory on the Internet Is Right Here in This Story


(Image credit: @greceghanem)

Confession time: I spend more time than I'd like to admit fawning over the best new and trendy accessories. Of course, it's part of the job as a fashion editor, but I may or may not continue the pattern outside of work.

It feels at though accessories have been having a major moment of triumph the past few years, from the mini bag takeover, to the square-toed heel, to virtually every Bottega Veneta bag recently released going viral. I can't deny wanting in on the fun.

Often, in the winter, when we may find ourselves cozied up in the comfiest of basics, your outfit is only as good as your best accessory. So, in totally-on-brand-for-me fashion, I swept the internet for the 23 trendiest accessories for sale right now, and rounded them up here for you. Should you accidentally click "add to cart," I won't blame you.

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