This "Rich-Looking" Travel Capsule Wardrobe Will Make Packing a Breeze

As someone who isn't a big fan of packing, I do everything I can to make the process less stressful, as it's not really something that can be avoided. One of those things, which is kind of a no-brainer, is to stick to a travel uniform of sorts. If you pack basically the same things for each trip (with a few tweaks depending on the destination and time of year), the process becomes significantly less painful.

An elevated, expensive-looking wardrobe is always my goal when traveling, so that informed the pieces I chose for my travel capsule wardrobe. My main objective was choosing versatile, luxe finds that are understated enough that no one would notice if I wore them more than once on any given trip. Accordingly, I put together a 14-piece "rich-looking" travel wardrobe that you can style with pieces you already own that'll suit your itinerary. Scroll on to shop the pieces ahead of your next trip.

The "Rich-Looking" Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Travel capsule wardrobe

Black Dress

Depending on how you accessorize it, a good black dress can easily go from day to night. 


A blazer can act as a jacket on fall days and nights and can make your outfit look more polished in an instant.

Button-Down Shirt

A button-down shirt can be tucked into a skirt or jeans for dinner and then worn over leggings on the plane for the flight home. Plus, it takes up minimal suitcase space.

Cashmere Sweater

A cashmere sweater is great for layering, and it looks chic (and expensive) draped over your shoulders.

Classic Belt

Classic belts can be worn with anything, point blank. They may be a trend right now, but they're even more timeless than they are trendy.

Dark-Wash Jeans

I prefer packing dark-wash jeans over any other wash because they can lean casual or dressy. As for the fit, you can't go wrong with straight leg.

Fitted Waistcoat

Fitted waistcoats are one of the most loved trends of the year, but it's one that I don't see going away anytime soon. Plus, they basically style themselves.

Kitten Heels

I always like to pack one pair of heels when I travel, and for as long as I can remember, they've been kitten heels. They make everything look chicer and are far easier to walk in than stilettos or platforms.


Speaking of shoes, loafers are my go-to flats when traveling and are the shoes I usually wear on the plane. Opt for a comfortable pair so that you can walk for miles in them.

Oval Sunglasses

I've started only packing one pair of sunglasses when I travel, and more often than not, it's oval-shaped ones that make it into my bag. They make every outfit look chicer, if you ask me.

Simple Shoulder Bag

Handbags are annoying to pack, so I usually only bring one. The style that I never regret bringing is a simple shoulder bag.

Slip Skirt

A slip skirt and crew-neck sweater or T-shirt can be paired with loafers or sneakers during the day and kitten heels at night. And it takes up zero room in a suitcase.

Striped T-Shirt

A classic striped tee is a tad more elevated than a plain white tee.

Tennis Necklace

As far as jewelry goes, I like to keep it to a minimum. A few special pieces that'll dress up your outfit are key—such as a tennis necklace.