A Serial Traveler Shares the Items That Make Packing Infinitely Easier

If the word “packing” causes your stress levels to go through the roof and beads of sweat are already forming at just the thought of the task, then this one’s or you, my friends. Whether you’re going on a quick weekend getaway or a two-week stint to some far off tropical land, packing for any trip unquestionably requires careful consideration, patience, and above all organization. 

We tapped into fashion muse and serial traveler Olivia Lopez for some expert packing tips to ensure you’re well equipped with the versatile essentials you'll need for every occasion. Olivia travels over half of the year to the most compelling locations from Paris to the Blue Lagoon. Scroll below as she shares her approach to packing and the items that make getting ready for a trip infinitely easier. Stress no more and get inspired to be the most organized traveler.

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The Outfits

"My approach to packing pretty much varies depending on the scenario, but at any given situation, I will only pack one carry on and one checked bag maximum (this includes fashion week, where I often spend long weeks abroad, with unpredictable scenarios that require a lot of wardrobe changes).

My main philosophy is to maximize wear on every piece, which means packing bags and shoes that will transition seamlessly from day to night, casual to cocktail. A good coat, a pair of sneakers and a sweater are the main essentials." 

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The Suitcases

"If I'm traveling somewhere I'm certain I'll be doing a lot of shopping, I'll pack my Away suitcase, as the case is expandable.

"If my schedule is pretty straightforward (with more time restraints that would lure me into a shopping spree), I'll pack my Rimowa, which has a lot of built-in organizers that I use throughout the trip.

"On staycations or shorter travels, I'll take my Steamline Luggage—it's always a treat to take out because it's best used for short trips that don't require too much transfer and handling."

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The Organizers

"I reuse a lot of jewelry boxes to store my accessories. For example, my All Blues earrings arrived in a beautiful box that stores about everything I need at the moment: barrettes, hair clips, day-to-night earrings and all of my favorite necklaces." 

"I also love my current toiletry bag from Net-a-Porter, it is a clear square zippable bag that I use to pack all of my skin care and serums. For my makeup bag, I use a terry cloth bag by Chanel."

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These shoe bags are excellent for preventing clothes getting soiled by your footwear. It's also great to keep things super organized in your suitcase so you can see where everything is quickly.

Finally, a sensible spot for all our bras and underwear. 

These packing pouches save the day! Great for separating clean and dirty clothes, wet towels, cosmetics. They'll also protect your clothes from wrinkling and prevent any dust, and damage getting to your stuff.

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