We're Pretty Sure These 12 Travel Duffel Bags Will Make You Travel More

We're going to say something you probably already think about too much: You're not traveling enough. No, we're not talking about quitting your job and jet-setting around the world, although it's a fun idea. We're not even considering the standard two-week vacation, although you should definitely take advantage of that. We're focusing on the easy weekend trips you could be doing every now and then, whether it's an overnight stay at a nearby hotel or a quick trip to a picturesque place up the road. Short vacations help you de-stress, too, and they're much easier to plan than those other getaway options.

Whether you're in Los Angeles and planning to spend a weekend in Santa Barbara, in New York City and wanting to escape to the Hudson Valley, or considering the endless possibilities in between, one thing you can always take with you is a sturdy duffel bag. We picked the 12 best duffels we could find to encourage you to take a weekend away. From leather and cotton exteriors to shades of bright red and earthy green, these duffels look just as good as you do after taking off for a day or two. And since they have compartments for dirty shoes and toiletries, you can also stay organized while on the go.

So go ahead and travel more—you don't even have to go far to do it.

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Kelly Dawson