7 Things New Yorkers Are Storing and 7 They're Ordering ASAP for Fall


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When it comes to fall, all New Yorkers have to say is, "Been there, done that." Fall is kind of like our Super Bowl when it comes to seasons. The weather is never better in New York City—pretty leaves fall across the striped concrete, and you can't turn a corner without seeing someone in the kind of cardigan that will have you breaking all social norms to ask them where they got it from.

One common experience all New Yorkers know very well is the heavy sweat that we break into as the weather fluctuates throughout the day. You'll wake up in the morning, and it will be so cold outside that you're wondering if you should bring out your first puffer of the season, and by noon, you're sweating through the blazer and sweater that seemed right for the weather when you woke up. The secret to living through such a tumultuous time of weather is being able to layer well and having a very edited closet. Gone are the outdated or summer-centric items that lived in your closet for months. Now is the time to introduce fall staples. Below, find a list of seven that are getting the cut.

Storing: Kitten Heels

Shopping: Mary Janes and Ballet Flats


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Kitten heels were cute for the summer, but their day has come and gone. Now, all New Yorkers want to talk about is flat shoes. Whether that's good ballet flats, a pair of Mary Janes, or minimal loafers, you're in good hands when you adopt this trend.

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Storing: Denim Shorts

Shopping: Elevated Denim


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Denim shorts are one of the first things to go into my storage unit near the end of fall. They were fun in the summer and maybe in the first week or two of September, but come October, they're long gone. This is the best time of the year for investing in a good pair of jeans for the in-between moment between summer and fall—I have my eye on white jeans.

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Storing: Barbiecore Pink

Shopping: Fall-Friendly Colorways


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We had a lot of fun with pink this summer, but as the leaves change, so do our color palettes of choice. Wear that bright Barbie pink as soon as you can, and by the time fall hits, you can bring out your favorite shades of blush and other seasonal favorites.

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Storing: Crop Tops

Shopping: Oversize Shirts


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I love a good crop top, but right now, modesty feels more elegant. Enjoy as many tiny tops as you'd like during the summer, but come fall, layering up oversize shirts will be the vibe.

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Storing: Midi Skirts

Shopping: Cargo Pants


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Cargo pants will be just as big this year as they were during the past few falls. Not only are they incredibly practical, but they also make you look instantly cool. Falls in the past centered around midi skirts, and right now, I'm storing those in favor of these baggy pants.

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Storing: Overly Cropped Jackets

Shopping: Sporty Fanfare


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It seems like the easiest way to look like a fashion person these days involves styling a sporty jacket or pair of track pants with a clothing item you really just wouldn't expect. I'm imagining that overly cropped jackets just won't hit the same way that track jackets do.

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Storing: Chunky Sweaters

Shopping: Blazers 


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It's 80+ degrees, and I'm cradling a blazer on my arm whether or not I will be able to wear it. Strong tailoring will always be a fan favorite of New Yorkers in a city where people work more than they sleep. I'll be going for that option and storing chunky sweaters.

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