5 Sneakers I Always Get Compliments On

Let me start this out by saying I am definitely not a sneaker girl. Ask any of my friends or family if I wear sneakers regularly, and they will tell you I prefer heeled booties or strappy sandals. That statement is definitely still true, but after discovering the five sneakers below, I was convinced that incorporating this shoe style into my wardrobe a little more often wouldn't be such a bad thing.

I want to warn you that when I wear sneakers, I definitely wear them to make more of a statement than I do for comfort, but it's the comfort and the style that I love the most. Ahead you'll see my top five all-time favorite sneakers that just so happen to bring in all the compliments. I'm talking strangers-on-the-street type of compliments, not just your best friend (but those are nice too). In addition to shopping the sneakers that give me the most love, check out the sneakers currently on my wish list—the wish list of a non–sneaker girl who still loves sneakers.