Hollywood Legend Tippi Hedren Takes Our Would You Wear It Now Challenge

When an email with a subject line that simply read “Tippi Hedren” popped into my inbox, I audibly shrieked with excitement. An opportunity to work with the Hollywood legend, Hitchcock muse, and mother to Melanie Griffith and grandmother to Dakota Johnson? The answer was obviously a resounding YES! Within a few weeks, we found ourselves at the Shambala Preserve in Acton, California, a nonprofit organization founded by Hedren dedicated to providing sanctuary to exotic felines who have been mistreated or neglected and her longtime residence, to film the next installment of our video series Would You Wear It Now.

Hedren, who many know from her iconic role in the 1963 Alfred Hitchcock horror thriller The Birds, has had an incredible Hollywood career spanning 55 years, and along the way has accumulated a series of timeless looks that could fill an entire guest house. (True story: Most of Hedren’s notable outfits are kept in a small house on the Shambala property, a video for another time.) With so many great styling moments in her repertoire, we jumped at the opportunity to speak with Hedren about some of our favorites—a day that is surely one for the WWW history books!

For a look at Tippi Hedren’s most iconic style, watch the video below. 

For more information about Hedren’s Roar Foundation and to find out how you can visit Shambala Preserve, visit shambala.org.

Production Credits:

Director: Samuel Shultz
Video Editor: Jeremy Tanksley