I'm in My 20s, and These 9 Items in My Closet Will Still Be Here When I'm 55

You shouldn't have to read the headline for me to convince you that I'm an old soul. While I love all of the late nights, early mornings, and adventures that I'm getting out of my 20s, my mind often wanders to the blissful peace that is in my future. I see age as a beautiful thing and love that I am currently building a wardrobe that will stick with me for life. The joyous mental image of what I want my future closet to look like has really begun to influence my shopping habits

As I'm sure you've heard, closet space is quite limited in Manhattan, and being a fashion editor means I'm quite intentional with my purchases. I need to know that every item in my closet is something that I will be loving on for many years to come. A few of my recent buys have ended up being standouts, and before I buy something, my mind always prioritizes whether I'm going to still want it down the line. So join me in shopping for the nine items that are so worth holding on to.

1. Sleek Blazers

This vintage Gucci blazer might be my best purchase of all time. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this awaiting me in a vintage shop. Who wouldn't want it? When you find the blazer of your dreams, no matter the label, you'll certainly have a similar response.


This is the blazer color I'm buying next.

What's a fashion person's closet without a Zara blazer?

2. Longer Hemlines

I used to only wear minidresses, but as I got older, my hemlines got longer. I now manage to feel that it's sexier to show less skin, and I can guarantee that many of these dresses in my closet will be sticking around.

3. Whimsical Blouses

White blouses are my holy grail. I truly can't get enough of them. Just when I thought I had one too many, yet another crawls into my closet. When it comes to designer clothing, they just so happen to be one of my favorite ways to go.


I'm most likely going to be found splurging on a top like this.

Whenever I'm ready to give in to a designer price tag, a white shirt ends up in my cart.

4. Statement-Making Outerwear

Outerwear is truly the category that I look at and say, "Take all of my money." Truthfully, it has such a positive impact on my wardrobe. As we transition between seasons, I hate to cover up my fabulous outfits with a boring black jacket. That's where my trusty statement makers come in. Don't be afraid to take a risk here.


Houndstooth definitely looks good at every age.

When you find a good jacket, you have to commit. They're always gone fast.

5. Slingback Pumps

There are many shoes in this world that catch my eye, but at the top of my list are slingback pumps. While I love traditional pumps, I think the slingback iteration is much more chic and sleek. I'll definitely be wearing it for life.


When I've had my eye on a designer style for years, I know it's worth it.

6. Shoulder Bags

I've watched many handbag trends come and go. Looking back on the decades, I am telling you that shoulder bags have the greatest staying power. They just look so fabulous when perched on your arm like so.


Ever since I saw my co-worker with this, I haven't stopped thinking about it.

7. Modern Loafers

Being a working woman never goes out of style. I plan on wearing loafers for life, but I can really only see myself in a pair that has a fun twist, whether that's color-blocking, hardware, or a pop of color. I'm dedicated to making it happen. 

The only thing that I want to put on come spring is a trench coat. All of my friends know by now how much I love this wardrobe staple. It is the perfect finishing touch to any look, and I'll never regret buying one, knowing that I'll have it forever.

9. Slightly Flared Jeans

There is a lot of debate about which denim style is the most timeless. My opinion is that it has to be jeans with just the slightest flare at the end. They're never too tight or too loose. Plus, just look at how long they can make your legs look.