Even If These Trends Go Out of Style, We'll Never Let Them Go

Lauren Eggertsen wearing a black corset top, red scarf, and blue Tibi barrel-leg jeans.

(Image credit: @laurenegg)

Trends move a bit too quickly for my liking. I prefer to invest in items and then wear them again and again—not just for one season or even one year but for years. Because of that, I've come to the conclusion that, for me, trends can no longer exist in my wardrobe. If I love something and it fits me well and goes with everything in my closet, I'm going to wear it, whether TikTok would consider it "in" or "out."

Upon deciding this, I went straight to my fellow editors at Who What Wear to gather their thoughts on the subject. Big surprise: We were all pretty much in agreement that the so-called trends that we've bought into recently are staying in our wardrobes and regular outfit rotations whether fashion decides to toss them aside in a few months or not. More specifically, each of the team members I asked had one item that they'll refuse to abandon—be it the color red (it's a timeless neutral!) or barrel-leg jeans—even if public opinion about them goes south. Scroll down to find all of the timeless trends that could go out of style for all we care. We'll never let them go.

The Color Red

Kat Collings in Paris wearing a leather jacket and red tights with red shoes and a white Prada bag.

(Image credit: @katcollings)

"The color red will always have a prominent place in my closet, despite some trend reporters, including our own editors, ushering in the evolution to a richer burgundy. While the red tights pictured may have been a particularly trendy moment last fall, red shoes are an 'always on' for me. They add the perfect dose of color and somehow go with every outfit." — Kat Collings, Editor in Chief

Barrel Jeans

Lauren Eggertsen wearing a black top, red scarf, and blue Tibi barrel-leg jeans.

(Image credit: @laurenegg)

"I will always love barrel jeans. The silhouette feels more elevated than regular baggy jeans, making them a go-to for me now and, I imagine, forever. This denim trend is versatile, striking, and comfortable—what more could you want?" — Lauren Eggertsen, Editorial Director

Hourglass Silhouettes

Eliza Huber wearing a black sculpted Tory Burch minidress with patterned tights, a red bag, and black kitten heel pumps.

(Image credit: @elizagracehuber)

"Soon enough, baggier, more relaxed tailoring will once again replace today's nipped-in, hourglass-shaped silhouettes. When it inevitably does, I might dabble in those slouchier styles, but in doing so, I'll never give up my waist-accentuating pieces, from minidresses to blazers. I find this fit to be so much more flattering on my body type, but also, it's far more traditionally elegant." — Eliza Huber, Senior Editor

Cocktail Watches

Kristen Nichols trying on a Cartier Baignoire watch.

(Image credit: @kristenmarienichols)

"Cocktail watches are the talk of the town when it comes to hottest timepieces, including notable designs such as the Cartier Baignoire set on a bangle bracelet or on an alligator band with a diamond-encrusted case. Regardless of how much the trend grows or shrinks in the future, the cocktail watch will have a permanent place on my list of investment-worthy jewelry." — Kristen Nichols, Associate Director of Special Projects

Colorful Tights

Yusra Siddiqui during NYFW wearing a red sweater with a black skirt and red tights.

(Image credit: @thatgirlyusra)

"Colorful tights are trending big right now, but as a modest dresser, I’ll be taking them with me for the long haul. They're such an easy way to incorporate some color into your outfit and, for me, make any short dress or skirt modest! So far, I have red and blue pairs, but I'm eyeing a bright white pair next." — Yusra Siddiqui, Associate Editor

Vintage Earrings

Sierra Mayhew in Paris wearing a floral minidress, tan boots, and vintage-inspired earrings.

(Image credit: @_sierramayhew)

"The past few seasons, antique-inspired earrings have made their mark on the fashion crowd, and even though this trend introduced me to a lot of classic shapes and styles, I'm not planning to toss them when the next trend comes about. They'll be with me for many seasons to come because I'm obsessed with the way that they instantly upgrade any outfit I wear. My favorites lately have been from Heaven Mayhem. A lot of bigger earrings cause me a bit of discomfort, but the brand's designs feel utterly weightless. I also went vintage shopping during my most recent trip to Europe in search of the real deal and found some winners." — Sierra Mayhew, Associate Editor

Senior Fashion Editor

Eliza Huber is a New York City–based fashion editor who specializes in trend reporting, brand discovery, and celebrity style. She joined Who What Wear in 2021 after almost four years on the fashion editorial team at Refinery29, the job she took after graduating with a marketing degree from the University of Iowa. She has since launched two monthly columns, Let's Get a Room and Ways to Wear; profiled the likes of Dakota Fanning, Diane Kruger, Katie Holmes, and Sabrina Carpenter for WWW's monthly cover features; and reported on everything from the relationship between Formula One and fashion to the top trends from fashion month, season after season. Eliza now lives on the Upper West Side and spends her free time researching F1 fashion imagery for her side Instagram accounts @thepinnacleoffashion and @f1paddockfits, running in Central Park, and scouring eBay for '90s Prada and '80s Yves Saint Laurent.