TikTok Users Turned Me on to These Amazing Under-$35 Amazon Finds

cut out black halter dress with rosette



If there's one thing TikTok is great at, it's trendsetting. Whether you use the app for recipes, beauty tutorials, or dances, the platform has a knack for making things go viral. Of course, as a fashion writer, I'm partial to the style side of TikTok, and recently I can't stop watching Amazon try-on videos. Not only are they extremely helpful in terms of seeing the quality of items I'm interested in, but it's great to see outfits on additional people when the models on Amazon leave you with more questions than answers when it comes to fit. 

Plus, let's be honest, in a sea of hundreds of thousands of options for something as basic as a crewneck sweatshirt, TikTok users know how to narrow the field down to the best of the best. They're also incredibly adept at shopping on a budget. If you're anything like me, I never want to spend more than $35 on an Amazon purchase, and TikTok users have my back. So, with summer approaching and vacation season already in full swing, I decided to round up my favorite Amazon fashion finds for $35.99 or less. 

Thanks, TikTok users. I owe these all to you. 

The floral applique trend is moving full steam ahead this season! I'm particularly into this Y2K interpretation for a flirty night out. 

This set is only $20 and looks exactly like Frankie Shop. The colors on offer are on point, too. 

Pair this with your favorite baggy cargo pants or jeans, and call it a day.

I'm known for losing all my sunglasses. But at this price point, I could get two pairs and have one as a backup.

I will be living in these this summer. 

With so many options, buying basics on Amazon can be tricky. I love that multiple TikTok users recommended this piece!

The perfect dupe for that nearly $70 Reformation top. 

This looks so much more expensive than it is in person.

Move over little black dress, the little black skirt has entered the building. 

Such a good find for spring and summer.

I'm always overwhelmed trying to buy sweatshirts on Amazon, but thankfully TikTok users took the guesswork out of it!

A platform thong with memory foam for support? Sign me up. 

I'm telling you, this looks so good on!

Find a white party to attend this summer and wear this. 

Wear this to the beach as a swimsuit cover-up or toss it over a slip for days when you're out and about.

Easy spring/summer fashion starts with a good basic. 

Whether you're a blue jean baby or a coastal cowgirl, this skirt fits the bill.

A lot of Amazon purse finds over do it on hardware, so I love the simplicity of this one. 

Three-piece swimsuit sets are it for spring and summer travel!

I'll be honest: I'm in love with this. 

TikTok users always know how to spot a good workout set. This one feels especially seasonally appropriate in light blue. 

If the coquette aesthetic interests you, look no further than this pretty little number. 

The most versatile shoe you'll buy this season.

I'd wear this as a wedding guest or for a night when I want to take it up a notch. 

A cutout bodysuit like this isn't normally my style, but it was so flattering on TikTok that I immediately added it to my cart. 

Business casual meets brown town. 

Forest green will forever be my favorite. 

The print on this suit reminds me of the Italian Riviera, which also happens to be where l dream of wearing it.

Most denim shorts on Amazon are almost twice the price of these—thank you, TikTok users!