26 Thermal Sets That Are Simultaneously Cute and Cozy

I have a notoriously bad habit of waiting until the weather drops to stock up on winter-friendly wardrobe pieces, and I'm guessing some of you can relate. What's missing in my life right now? The perfect thermal set. The stillness this year has brought on has simultaneously provided the opportunity for many of us to get back into (socially distanced) outdoor activities such as hiking, but we've reached the point now when we need warmer gear to do so. And let's not forget simply getting cozy at home.

For this reason, I've been excited to see that many of my favorite brands and retailers such as Revolve and Shopbop, are offering up matching thermal sets, onesies, and jumpsuits that not only get the job done, but satiate my inclination for fashion-forward pieces as well. 


@donni; WEARING: Donni Duo Thermal ($135).

Now, if you're wondering what all the fuss about thermal-wear is about, it's because having a few thermal pieces on-hand is extremely clutch in the winter. The tightly woven fabric adds an extra layer of insulation, regulating air-flow to keep you warm. In less words, you just need it. 

It turns out that scoping out thermal sets that don't sacrifice style is actually quite the task, so I've done us all a favor by rounding up the best thermal sets for winter below. Before you grab a basic pair of leggings and a T-shirt for your next morning run, check these out first. 

Shop the matching Thermal Henley Sweatpants ($134).

This is a particularly good color, if you ask me.

Wear this with its matching bottoms or with jeans.

This neutral shade will allow for endless mixing and matching.

The buttons give these thermal pants an extra ounce of "cute."

Who needs a set when you can get the look in one fell swoop with a jumpsuit? This one just so happens to be sustainably made in Los Angeles by a female designer. 

The ultimate goes-with-everything thermal leggings.

Just freaking out a little about the matching scrunchie that comes with this set.

This thermal set makes for the best winter workouts.

I didn't know I needed a pink gingham onesie until now.

This affordable set has insanely good reviews.

This thermal set take pajamas to a new level.

Name a better duo than these thermal pajamas and fluffy slippers.

It's the little things—like the lace details on this thermal top.

These are just as good for running errands as they are for lounging around.

You can even pair these thermal sweats with a crop top during spring.

Over 300 reviewers agree: this is a pretty great thermal set.

Wide waist bands like this one offer great support.

This zip up top is promising for extra warmth.

This is a holy grail winter color, and it's not up for debate.

The most chic thermal jumpsuit I've ever seen.

Let's talk about how cool this thermal top is.

I'm already planning my sneakers to match these.

Athleta's cold-weather workout gear is unmatched.

Merino wool makes for maximum insulation.

The white waistband gives these thermal leggings an extra pop.

This thermal hoodie jacket is necessary.

If I had to live in a pair of sweatpants, it'd be these.

I sense a good night's sleep in your near future.

Now that you're all set, check out these pajama sets to work from home in.