3 Workwear Rules That Just Don't Apply Anymore

There’s a pretty evident cliché among women who’ve just graduated from college and are about to embark on their professional careers. We buy a suit. Whether the pant or skirt, the post-grad investment has come to signify a transition to the successful work life we’re out to create despite the fact that, in many cases, a very traditional suit rarely comes in handy. In fact, it might simply go to waste once you realize it's not vital to your job or office (even this editor's been there). But Crystal Ung can help save you from a potentially unnecessary purchase, and more importantly, the entrepreneur might help us rethink the workwear “rules” altogether.

This month, Ung launched The Make, a collection of office-ready pieces, but not in the most traditional sense. “Just 10 years ago when I was graduating college, a recruiter shared a dress code document with me that outlined the company’s rules, which included pantyhose and pencil skirts Monday through Thursday,” Ung tells us about her inspiration behind the new line. “I hadn’t seen pantyhose since the ’90s and was confused and quickly annoyed. Also, I began questioning why.”