The 30 Under-$150 Fashion Items Making Office Attire Cool Again

Fall Fashion to Wear to the Office


Original Illustration by Mira Thekdi

Nothing signals the end of summer like a packed subway car on a Monday morning. The season of being out East, abroad, or anywhere else with a beach is officially over, and New Yorkers are back to their office commutes. Being smashed against strangers on the train is the perfect opportunity to scope out what people are wearing, and so far, I like what I'm seeing. Aside from the finance bros and their uniform, I've spotted some great lady jackets, button-downs, ballet flats, and new knits for fall. The vibe is definitely leaning more casual these days, but in a relaxed, effortlessly cool way. On a mission to re-create these looks while sticking to my personal budget, I found every item I wanted for under $150 each. Below, you'll be able to shop these finds and a few beauty bonuses to throw in your work bag. If we're going to be heading back into the office, we might as well do it in style. Keep scrolling to shop my picks.

Workwear Wardrobe 

Lady jackets are a hot-ticket item this season, and this green one is calling my name. 

There's no better jean cut to start wearing your fall boots with. 

Mary Janes look cute with everything: skirts, jeans, trousers, shorts—you get the idea. 

With the office AC blasting, this soft ribbed cardigan is about to be your BFF.  

Luxury designers have released their versions of this trending full skirt, but you can't beat this $100 option. 

Mango is really coming through with the expensive-looking items. I did a double-take when I realized these cool slingbacks were $140. 

Drop-waist dress, but make it totally wearable for fall. 

Easing into the season's most popular color trend with this staple button-down. 

A classy work tote that won't spiral you into credit card debt. 

I'd style this top with relaxed trousers and a belt for work. 

This fall, I'm still very much a part of the anti-skinny jean team. 

A thick knit I can't wait to layer with tees and turtlenecks as the temperature starts to cool. 

I reserve pinstripes solely for fall and winter. This year, I'll be reaching for these $70 trousers. 

I'm patting myself on the back for finding a chic pair of black ankle boots for less than $200. 

There's no need to spend over $20 on a black belt, this one is proof. 

Another great lady jacket, but this one has more of a relaxed sweater feel. 

The crossbody you'll never part with. It has real wardrobe longevity. 

Madewell is making chino pants cool again.

My capacious fall work bag of choice. 

West Coast workers, you'll wear this dress through November. 

I was eyeing another woven ballet flat that was $350 until these came into my life. 

What to Throw in Your Tote

Is this the cutest pouch to ever exist? I think so. 

You can apply this with your finger, making it the easiest way to refresh your makeup on the go.  

The perfect combo of color and hydration. 

There's nothing more financially responsible than bringing your own lunch to the office. This small bag will keep it fresh. 

I can't go a day in the office without my HydroFlask tumbler. It's the only thing keeping me hydrated.