Comfortable and Stylish Dresses for Thanksgiving and Beyond


(Image credit: Style Du Monde)

Thanksgiving always proves to be one of the trickier events to dress for. While I want to look presentable and stylish, I also want to feel non-restricted and comfortable in my ensemble because, well, food. In an effort to look put together while avoiding restraining pieces, I'm opting for breezy fall dresses in multiple hues and fits this year. Not only is it a less restrictive option, but a dress is an instant outfit, helping to avoid the struggle of pairing together pants and a sweater, blouse, what-have-you moments before running out the door. Whether you're heading home for the holidays, attending a Friendsgiving, or meeting your S.O.'s family for the first time, opt for a stylish dress that feels appropriate, on-trend, and, most importantly, comfortable. Not sure where to start? Scroll to shop our favorites at every price point.

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