This Winter Trend Is "Seeing Massive Crowd Appeal"

Teddy bear coat trend


Christian Vierig/Getty Images

You can do one of two things this winter: Suffer through it while daydreaming about the return of beach days, or embrace it in the form of proper outerwear. While both are tempting, we're going with the latter. And just in time for winter, Pinterest just revealed that one cozy trend in particular is "seeing massive crowd appeal." The trend is teddy bear jackets, and by massive, Pinterest is talking 1036% growth in searches year over year.

You can technically call teddy bear jackets a few different things—sherpa jackets, faux fur jackets, and fuzzy jackets, to name a few… In any case, the appeal is undeniable, and we don't doubt that it has something to do with the trend's popularity. To get you prepped for the blustery days ahead, we searched across the internet and chose the best teddy bear jackets on the market. Investing in one of the below options should definitely take an edge off the impending chill.