Tash Oakley's Bikini Checklist For Those Blessed With a Chest

Clear your weekend plans because Instagram's biggest swimsuit models, Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman are in Sydney and they want to personally style you in swimwear that doesn't just fit you, but actually flatters you. Their swimwear label Monday Swimwear is hosting a pop up event this weekend, and if you get the chance to go along, you’ll find flattering swimwear up to sizes V and VV for voluptuous and very voluptuous which makes swimwear shopping a little less daunting, and a little more comforting.

Intrigued to find out what styles best suit your curves, we chatted to the girls over email to hear what they had to say about dressing for a bigger bust and hips. 

Keep scrolling to discover Tash and Devin's bikini shopping tips.

Tash Oakley & Devin Brugman


Image Courtesy of Monday Swimwear

Swimwear to suit bigger busts

"Anything with an underwire, a wide support band under the bust, or adjustable cups size is going to provide the support you need and create a gorgeously sculpted, natural shape."


Swimwear to suit bigger hips

"Wider hips are complimented perfectly by tie-side or high waisted bikini bottoms. The wider waist bands on high rise bottoms give the illusion of a softer, more proportionate curve, cinching in the waist, and lengthening the leg. Tie side bottoms offer the adjustability aspect, which eliminates our pet hate of digging in and creating unwanted bumps on the silhouette. Tie sides are also a very delicate, feminine design feature that allow you to control where and how the bottoms fit you." 

Opening image: Natasha Oakley

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