This New Athleisure Trend Works Anywhere, From the Gym to the Street

Oftentimes a gym session leads to errands around town, so having an outfit that works for both a workout class and a street style look can come in handy. To find out how fashion girls tackle this trend, we dug through their photos to see exactly how they're pulling it off. And what is the ultimate gym-to-street athleisure style? It turns out that sweatshirts with pockets are in every stylish girl’s gym bag.

We might have Vetements to thank for this. After recent collaborations with Champion and Juicy Couture, hoodies earned back a place among the street style set. Other brands were quick to follow suit, and there are now a lot of cool options to wear everywhere from your morning boxing class to lunch with friends. A few key pieces—like a pair of furry slides and a leather jacket—make the look transition.

Keep reading to see how fashion girls are wearing their hoodies, and then shop our favorites.