I Went Through Nordstrom's New Sale Items—These Under-$75 Pieces Are Wonderful

Nordstrom's New Sale Items Under-$75



We all get sad for different reasons when the holiday season ends. For some, it marks the end of a work-free time with the family. For others, it represents the closure of cheat weeks and the reality that latkes are not necessarily healthy just because they are a vegetable. But for me, the real tragedy of January is that it's the end of sale season.

Sale season generally runs from mid-December to the 31st, when department stores, boutiques, and e-tailers alike all have some sort of discount. While some shops go bigger than others, participation in this season is what counts. Sometimes, it's just that extra 10% off that is enough to convince someone (definitely not me) that the leopard-printed sneakers with the sparkly star (okay, maybe it's me) are absolutely necessary.

It's my mom and me's favorite time of the year, and we spend the days surrounding the holidays on Michigan Avenue, searching the biggest retailers for the biggest discounts. While the majority of the time we don't end up actually purchasing anything, seeing what goes on sale and by how much is really the joy of the season for us.

Usually, this joy is short-lived, diminishing on January 1 along with the red tags and discount stickers at the stores. Well, that was until I clicked on Nordstrom's website on January 10 and saw that it was still running a massive sale. I checked back the next day (and the next), and it was still there. And then I realize that Nordstrom always has a sale going, and right now, it's a pretty kick-ass one. 

So I saved you some time, and I went through Nordstrom's new sale items and found these under-$75 pieces that are wonderful. Keep scrolling to see my top picks.

I would buy these full price too, so they're really a no-brainer. 

Okay, this jacket does not look like it's only $67.

Nordstrom's New Sale Items Under-$75



I would be willing to mess up my bangs for this beanie.

You can't get quality like Natori's just anywhere.

Bonus points if you actually wear this to the gym.

Nordstrom's New Sale Items Under-$75



Forewarning: Tie these bows tight.

I'm not going to lie. I love the combat boots with this dress.

You can never have too many of these.

Fleeces are literally perfect for fall, winter, and spring, so you might as well buy into their tri-seasonality.

Nordstrom's New Sale Items Under-$75



Anytime Eberjey goes on sale, I'm all over it.

Shearling slippers are easily the way to my heart, and Zodiac really outdid itself with these.

If you have ever owned a Barefoot Dreams blanket, you know how cozy this robe will be.

Nordstrom's New Sale Items Under-$75



Sweater weather seems like it's sticking around.

Cardigans are having a moment, and I don't want it to end.

Wear with leather pants for an ultra-luxe look.