The Styling Trick Every Fashion Girl Wears at Work


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Falling into yet another mundane go-to work outfit routine is a habit you must break as we begin 2018. Even if you love your job, the repetitiveness of waking up and figuring out what to wear to the office can be tiresome, which is why we are here to remind you of a quick and easy style trick that will transform an ordinary office ensemble into something street style–ready—layering sweaters over dress shirts

This layering technique is nothing new, but it's one we so easily forget about. As temperatures drop to an extreme low this winter, layering sweaters over more tailored items like said dress shirts will give you the warmth you need without having to sacrifice your presentability at the office. Ahead, we've rounded up the best sweaters to wear over your dress shirts and more this season so that the next time you feel stumped by your own wardrobe, you'll remember a cute winter work outfit is only a layered sweater away. 

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