I'm Lazy—These 10 Sunscreen Serums Save Me Time and Money (and Sun Damage)

I didn't start wearing daily sunscreen until I was in my 20s. I know, I know… I should have known better. Actually, I did know better. I just wasn't focused on that (very important) part of my skincare routine yet. Instead of applying it each day, I would reserve it for languid beach days, long hikes, and any other time I knew I'd be out in direct sunlight for an extended period of time. Basically, I did the bare minimum. 

Since then, I've mended my ways, and I apply SPF 30 or higher every single day. In hindsight, I have sunscreen serums to thank for this improvement. Sunscreen serums are just what they sound like—hybrid products that combine traditional sunscreen with active ingredients to treat and protect the skin in one fell swoop. Since they combine two products and two steps in one, they make my morning skincare routine simple. As someone who has a tendency to be lazy and take the path of least resistance, trust me when I say these products can save you time, money, and, most importantly, sun damage. Keep scrolling to see 10 sunscreen serums to shop now. 

This is the first sunscreen serum I ever used, and it's been a rom-com love story ever since. Its lightweight, creamy texture sinks into my skin each morning, and I rest assured knowing it's providing my skin with SPF 30 along with antioxidant-rich spinach and green tea to help neutralize damaging free radicals.

I love La Roche-Posay products, and this sunscreen serum is no exception. It's a lightweight water-based formula that never clogs my pores. It contains vitamins C and E, which can help improve the appearance of fine lines, dark spots, and skin texture. It also shields my skin with SPF 50. What's not to love?

The milky texture of this sunscreen serum feels lightweight and hydrating. My skin basically drinks it up. With non-nano zinc, algae, blue sea kale, sea aster, and raspberry and moringa-seed oils, it protects the skin while treating it to antioxidants and moisture. 

This SPF 30 serum is formulated with antioxidant-rich hydrating ingredients that help the skin look plump and bouncy. I love its milky texture that feels almost imperceptible on the skin.  

This sunscreen serum was formulated specifically for oily, breakout-prone skin. It contains a mix of chemical and mineral blockers as well as good-for-skin ingredients such as niacinamide, ferulic acid, colloidal oatmeal, Kakadu plum, tea tree, and hyaluronic acid. 

A budget-friendly option, Neutrogena's new sunscreen serum provides SPF 60 infused with vitamin E for soft, smooth skin. It's also noncomedogenic and water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. 

This sunscreen serum uses a mix of watermelon and hyaluronic acid to boost water levels in the skin, providing a plumping effect. Wear it alone or layer it under moisturizer for dewy (and protected!) skin. 

This is one of my favorite sunscreen serums for one reason: its focus on skin-brightening vitamin C. It mixes high-potency vitamin C with SPF 40 for a two-in-one product that protects the skin while targeting dark spots and dullness. It's genius. 

Here's another vitamin C–infused sunscreen serum. This one is lightweight and hydrating and has a slight citrus scent. Normally, I avoid fragrance, but I don't mind it in this case since it doesn't irritate my skin and smells so fresh and summery. 

A sunscreen serum that was made for all skin types and tones, this one promises to never leave a white cast and provides SPF 35. The addition of prickly pear helps hydrate and soothe the skin. 

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I'm also a fan of this brush-on SPF from Supergoop, which I use in lieu of a traditional mattifying powder. 

This sunscreen gives my limbs a subtle radiance thanks to finely milled shimmer particles.

True to the name, the scent of this sunscreen makes me feel like I'm on vacation. 

Protect your lips with SPF lip balm. It's essential.