I Look 10 Times Better on Monday When I Do These 7 Things on Sunday Night

If you've ever looked in the mirror after a weekend of late nights and 2 a.m. pizza sessions to find dark circles under your eyes, a chipped manicure, frizzy hair, and a general air of chaos, you're not alone. While it's totally acceptable, even necessary, to blow off some steam after each busy week of meetings, deadlines, and stress, most activities any less wholesome than early morning yoga and green juice tend to do a number on the appearance. Life just ain't fair.

So what's a girl to do? Settle for a splotchy complexion all in the name of boozy brunch? As a firm believer in living my best life on the weekends (even if that means camping out on the couch for 48 hours straight), I'm no stranger to the maintenance that becomes necessary by Sunday to look and feel my best for the new week ahead. Being the proactive beauty editor I am, I've developed a tried-and-true Sunday night beauty routine that helps reveal a completely refreshed, amazing-looking woman when all is said and done. A welcome side effect is that it also helps move my mind from the anxiety of any unknowns in the coming week to relishing in unapologetic self-care. Consider it a total-body overhaul that also helps to reset the mind.

Ahead, find the Sunday-night beauty routine that lets me enter Monday feeling like 100% that bitch.

Resurface my face with a chemical peel


(Image credit: @court_higgs)

Exfoliate the rest of my body, too

Wear under-eye patches


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Deep condition my hair

Do an at-home manicure


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Drink all the water

Wear a modeling mask


(Image credit: @court_higgs)
Associate Beauty Editor

Courtney Higgs is a Cancer sun, Libra rising beauty enthusiast with about six years of experience in the editorial space. She was previously Who What Wear's associate beauty editor after spending many years working on the West Coast edit team at InStyle Magazine. She graduated from California State University, Northridge, with a BA in communication studies and pivoted to editorial after spending her college years working in the legal field. Her beauty philosophy is simple: She believes there are no wrong answers and that discovering our favorite beauty products and rituals is a journey, not a sprint. When she's not geeking out over products, she can be found adventuring around L.A. with her fiancé; watching reality TV with their French bulldog, Bernie Mac; or relating way too hard to astrology memes.