Here's Every Chic Thing You Need to Buy From Shopbop for Summer

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(Image credit: Original Illustration by Ally Quirk)

The beginning of every season is highly anticipated. It gives us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and bring our thoughtfully curated mood boards to life. I'm eager to get my hands on all the hottest trends this upcoming summer, so I'm heading to Shopbop for some inspiration. This season is all about finding the right balance of bold prints and colors and classic summer styles and accessories. From pink pieces that pop with platform sandals to all-white ensembles with woven accessories, these are the 16 chic items that you absolutely need to buy.

Raina Mendonça
Associate Fashion Editor, Branded Content

Raina Mendonça is an associate fashion editor on the branded content team at sister titles Who What Wear and Marie Claire. Previously, Raina was an editorial assistant at When she’s not writing, you’ll find her crafting new playlists, exploring Los Angeles, or making a cup of English breakfast tea.