The Top Summer Travel Items Every Fashion Girl Owns

Though the fashion world is already talking about fall’s best trends, we understand that it’s still July, which means there’s still plenty of summer left to enjoy. Whether you have a friend’s wedding to attend or a big vacation planned to the Greek islands, there’s likely a travel outfit or two you need to plan. To help you out, we sifted through our favorite fashion bloggers’ Instagrams to see where they’ve been jaunting off to this summer and what they’ve been wearing while doing so.

We noticed that although the style varied from woman to woman, they all seemed to possess the same packing essentials that, conveniently, are also available in Who What Wear’s collection at Target. Go figure!

Scroll down to see what you should pack for your next holiday, and if you’re missing an item or two, snag it for under $50!

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