17 Things I Got for My Honeymoon But Will Wear All Summer

Earlier this month, I was set to embark on my honeymoon in Mexico, and as one does, I shopped extensively for it. Honeymoon shopping is certainly a thing, one that I was happy to partake in at that. Because we waited a couple of months after the wedding to take the trip, I luckily had the time to do so. And since we chose a tropical destination for our honeymoon, I actually ended up getting a head start on my summer shopping, stocking up on swimsuits, sandals, sunglasses, shorts, and sundresses, all of which I plan on wearing from now until September.

Surprisingly, I found shopping and packing for the honeymoon to be pretty easy. Since it’s the type of trip that’s carefully planned in advance, I knew exactly what I needed for each day. Plus, the weather in Mexico is pretty predictable this time of year, so shorts, dresses, and sandals it was. Read on to find out which pieces I got for my honeymoon but will wear long after our return flight home.

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