11 Cool Ways to Wear a Hat for the Next 3 Months

Whether you find yourself to be someone who wears hats on the regular or not, there’s no better time to start wearing the accessory than summer. Between protecting yourself from the sun during those long days outside to simply wanting to give your look a little extra something for the season, topping off your summer outfits with a hat can take your style to the next level.

Of course, adding a hat on top of your warm-weather ensembles can be somewhat daunting, especially if they aren’t a regular part of your wardrobe. Not to worry, as we pulled together some of our favorite looks featuring this head-turning accessory to provide you with some sartorial inspiration.

From the perennial summer straw hat to wide brim fedoras and more, these outfits will have you ready for anything this summer while also giving you new reasons to add a hat to your closet this season.

Styling a hat during the summer isn’t so hard—and better yet, it’s so chic.