They're Here: The Biggest Lingerie Trends of Summer 2021

Lingerie is something one should always have on deck whether you plan to show it off or not. While by nature, the overall category of lingerie is timeless, there are a few seasonal trends that pop in and out and we wanted to get the inside scoop on what the 2021 lingerie trends were to know before we enter into the hottest Hot Girl Summer ever. Although I might be an editor who obsesses a little too hard over everything lingerie-related, I still wanted to reach out to some of my favorite experts in the field to find out everything and more on the styles that will be trending this summer and beyond. 

Ahead, get ready to hear from the voices of some of the most reputable lingerie brands in the business such as Fleur du Mal, Araks, and I.D. Sarrieri on which lingerie trends they are backing for summer 2021. From bold and bright colors to those boxer shorts you've been seeing all over Instagram, consider this your one-stop shop for anything and everything related to your negligee drawer this season. 

Boxer Shorts



"You can wear boxer shorts inside and outside of the house, style them with just about anything in your closet, and they're comfortable."—Araks Yeramyan, founder and designer, Araks

"Silk boxer shorts styled to wear out are a major trend right now."—Jennifer Zuccarini, founder, Fleur du Mal


"Green symbolizes new beginnings and fresh starts which it seems like we're going through this summer."—Yeramyan

Beautiful Bustiers

"Bra and bustier tops that are intricately beautiful and can be shown off on their own, like our Lily Embroidery Longline in Starry Blue, are very big this summer."—Zuccarini

Silky Slip Dresses



"Silky slip dresses are still super popular with everyone getting back out. And the best part is that you can wear them in the bedroom or for going out."—Zuccarini 

Bright Colors



"We specialize in pretty and fun color pop lingerie. The reds are always popular as well as dusky pink, emerald green, and midnight blue. Lingerie in beautiful colors is an instant mood boost—it's the easiest way to play with your looks and make you feel confident."—Iulia Dobrin, founder, I.D. Sarrieri

Elevated Travel Sleepwear



"With everyone being held home for so long, now lots of us are keen to travel or even get away for a romantic weekend. Sultry slips and soft chemises will be essential for these trips. Super-soft nightwear helps you sleep better and adds a touch of opulence to your nightwear."—Dobrin 

Underwear As Outerwear



"Underwear as outerwear will have a real moment as soon as we can all go 'out out' again. Wearing a stunning bustier underneath a great blazer is a playful way to make a classic look sexy. For a more subtle look, try a lace bra under a sheer or loose fit shirt."—Dobrin