7 Tired Fashion Items I'm Giving Away Before Summer Starts

Straw Bag and Floral Dress



Faithfull The Brand Chiara Dress ($180); Rouje Abel Basket ($135)

They say the unofficial start to summer is Memorial Day, but I've always been one to follow the rules, which is why I'm celebrating the actual start of summer: June 21. I'll be reveling in the commencement of warm months and sun-filled holidays ahead the best way I know how—by prepping my wardrobe. For summer 2019, it's all about breathable fabrics in breezy silhouettes with cool accent patterns and embellishments to punctuate your looks. Think tie-dye styled with classic denim or a linen little black dress taken up a notch with braided sandals.

In preparation, I've made the tough-yet-vital decision to purge my closet of a few recent trends that don't translate to my June-through-September vision. Below, I've highlighted which seven items I'll be removing from my wardrobe and what will be taking their space (an honor considering how small my New York City apartment is). Continue to find out what they are, and if you agree, shop my picks!

Giving Away: Off-the-Shoulder Tops

Replacing It With: Prairie Puff Sleeves

Bare shoulders are great and all, but you know what's better? Accentuating them with a Victorian-era puff sleeve that feels dramatic and extra—give it a try.

Giving Away: Seashell Jewelry

Replacing It With: Rainbow-Colored Jewelry

I grew up wearing puka shell necklaces, so I'm all for those of you who want to continue wearing your seashells this summer, but as for me, I'll be transitioning to rainbow-colored beads and rocks to mix things up a bit.

Giving Away: Chunky Sneakers

Replacing It With: Tourist Sandals

As omnipresent as the chunky dad sneaker trend has become, I'm ready for a break. Instead, I'll be strolling around in equally "ugly" footwear (sporty sandals, to be exact). Don't @ me.

Giving Away: Hair Clips

Replacing It With: Head Scarf

Hair clips are a great way to add a pop of fun to your look, but this summer I'm unclipping and fastening a scarf in my hair, milkmaid-style, instead. 

Giving Away: Belt Bag

Replacing It With: Straw Pale

My need to be hands-free has dissipated, so I'll be shedding myself of the belt bag for the time being. In its place? Something straw.

Giving Away: Square Sunnies

Replacing It With: Sheer Lenses

I gave the square silhouette a go and it just doesn't work with my round face shape. Instead, this season I'll be test-driving different types of sunnies all with slightly sheer lenses in cool colors.

Giving Away: Cowboy Boots

Replacing It With: Woven Shoes

I'm retiring my Western boots for the moment and going for another country texture by way of woven footwear. Whether they're slides, sandals, or something in between, this artisanal-inspired touch is so suitable for summer.