My 55-Year-Old Mom Says These Brands Make the Best Basics

Remember when I made my mom share her take on the best fashion items worth investing in? Not surprisingly, her advice was a hit you all (just as it’s been for myself and my sisters all our lives), which is why I figured I'd pry some more intel out of her on a new topic. This time, the woman of few words but much good taste (whose name, by the way, is Shirin) gave us the scoop on her favorite brands for buying basics—a topic which, actually, seemed quite fitting, seeing as I also have an affinity for the simple yet crucial wardrobe staples.

Nonetheless, from Gap and Zara to Chanel and Proenza Schouler, she’s got something for the under-$100 shoppers, the investment buyers, and, of course, those who are somewhere in the middle. To see and shop all 12 of the brands that made the cut, just keep scrolling.

Under $100


Like everyone, my mom is a big fan of Nike's simple (and affordable) sneakers.


Today I learned that Gap has the softest tanks and pajamas, most of which can typically be found on sale. 


Like mother, like daughter. The woman loves a good Zara find—namely, their tees, sandals, and trousers. 


Ralph Lauren
Proenza Schouler

Sounds specific, but apparently Proenza Schouler really excels in the white tops category.


According to my mom, "a Chanel tweed jacket is a basic"—and I'm not mad at that.


If you're looking for a good pair of pants to invest in, Armani is her pick.

Somewhere in the Middle


These trending pleated jeans would be my pick, while the classic pair below would be my mom's/


I would have to agree with her that Vince has the best sweaters.


But, then again, who isn't obsessed with everything from Theory?


Another very solid denim brand for simple yet perfect jeans.