My Summer Vibe Is "A-List Energy" Thanks to Versace's Latest Eyewear Collection

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If you want to talk A-list energy, no one is doing it like Versace. Only five months into 2023, the iconic design house has already given us some of the most major fashion moments of the year with runway ready-to-wear and red carpet looks that rank "best dressed" every single time. And Versace's latest eyewear collection is pushing me to go further. Even on my not-so-great days, putting on a pair of these glasses will instantly boost my confidence. From reinvented cat-eye shapes to classic oversize frames, the glasses in this collection are the only accessories you need for summer. Keep scrolling to shop my favorite styles.


Featuring the fashion house's signature Medusa motif, these sunglasses embrace the strength that the mythical character represents. The shape itself is an edgier take on the classic cat-eye, leaning toward that sporty look Gen Z can't get enough of. And if you've read anything here on WWW, you know silver accents are having a moment, with the fashion set donning all things metallic lately. Gold will always remain a staple, but accessorizing with on-trend silver this summer is definitely a good idea.


If you're all about sticking to the classics, it doesn't get more timeless than these square frames. The rich black colorway, recognizable gold insignia, and oversize look scream, "No pictures, please." Of course, the paparazzi might not be knocking down your door, but if the goal is to give off rich energy, look no further than these frames. This more neutral style can be dressed up with a matching black pantsuit or dressed down for your everyday athleisure. No matter your outfit of choice, these will be a go-to pair all summer long.


When it comes to eyeglasses for everyday wear, look no further than these frames. The Medusa Glasses are another timeless design defined by the signature Medusa plaque, and they'll give every outfit the expensive-looking upgrade we're all after right now. The subtle cat-eye shape and gold detailing make them the perfect combination of classic and statement-making, so whether you need prescription glasses or just like the clear look, these are a major step up from your average eyewear. 

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Natalie Gray Herder
Editor, Branded Content

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