I'm Super Over My Closet RN—Here Are My Affordable Picks to Spruce It Up

Staying at home has made me realize one major thing: My closet is in desperate need of a revamp. Not that I don't have a lot of cute pieces I absolutely love, but I'm pretty sure I never wear a good chunk of what's in there. (In fact, my desk is set up right next to the door, so I'm constantly peeking in at the clothes I'm so over.)

After getting dressed for the (few) places I've started to venture out to this past week or so, I've been disappointed in what I've put together. You know the feeling when you just keep wearing the same thing over and over again? That's what I'm currently going through. Because I have an actual shopping addiction (and because it's my job to look for clothes online), I set out on a mission to find some affordable (you know I'm always balling on a budget) new things to spruce up my wardrobe. Keep scrolling to shop the major gems I found.

Pretty Tops 

Google "pretty top," and you will find a picture of this. 

An upgrade to your basic white tee.

I'll wear anything with puff sleeves. This would look so good with some wide-leg white pants.

An easy way to elevate a casual look.

This flower pattern is adorable. I'll definitely be pulling this out for date night.


I always need at least one black dress in my closet at all times. This one is super casual (and lightweight!) so I know I'll be getting a ton of use out of it. 

I can go for anything with smock detailing. When it gets super hot here, this will definitely be the dress I turn to.

I'm taking this dress straight to sunset drinks (even if that's just on my balcony).

This is dressy enough to wear out to dinner (patios are starting to open up!), but casual enough to also wear around the house.


This color is so gorgeous.

Find the matching bottoms here.

I'm going back and forth between this color and the blue.

I've been on the hunt for a good tie-dye coverup.

I've yet to try any of Monday Swimwear's pants (as you know, I'm obsessed with their swimwear), so this is going to be my first purchase.


How could I possibly say no to these?

Looking for the perfect pair of flat, strappy sandals? I just found it.

Everything in my closet is about to be green, and I'm totally okay with that.


I can't even begin to tell you how comfortable these jeans are. (Yes, I said comfortable.)

These shorts will pair perfectly with all my new pretty tops. 

I would do anything to wear these out to dinner on a tropical vacation right now, but on a walk in the park will do for now.


I need to grab this before it goes back to its regular price.

This is so summery and looks like it fits just about everything I need.

These are an easy (and affordable) way to elevate my everyday hoops.

I've never seen an organza bucket hat before, but I'm so into it.

I have white tube socks, but pink? These are definitely something to try.