12 Beautiful Basics That Will Actually Make Your Closet Feel Complete

Any time we experience a major lifestyle shift, our style shifts along with it. Including what we wear, what we buy, and who we turn to for inspiration. Personal style is something that is always evolving, but one thing that will always remain consistent are the classic basics that form the foundation within your wardrobe along the way. There comes a point in one's sartorial journey when basics no longer become the "boring" items in one's closet, but the necessities

Today, we are here to show you the 12 classic basics that if ignored, could make your wardrobe feel stale. While some of the 12 basics ahead might not look beautiful in nature, they are crucial for creating a beautiful and well-rounded look, no matter what season we're in. From the perfect house dress to a white T-shirt reality check, take the time to read through the classic basics that can make even the most disgruntled of wardrobes feel brand-new. 

Roomy Maxi Dresses

If you've been searching for the perfect dress to wear indoors this summer, let me suggest a roomy maxi. The loose silhouette allows for maximum comfort while also providing a more dramatic look when paired with a small heel and statement bag. It really is the dress that can do both. 

Lingerie Sets

You might be wondering how lingerie can affect your personal feelings toward your wardrobe, but let me tell you, it absolutely can. Having at least a few lingerie sets on hand can make you feel all kinds of put together. Wearing matching lingerie sets is for no one but yourself, and you will be surprised how empowered you feel just by having this be the first thing you put on your body in the morning. 

Simple Slides

Whether you're wearing these easy slides around the house or are looking for shoes that will complete any summertime look of your choosing, taking the time to find the perfect pair is worth it. Lucky for you, the work is already done down below. 

White Summer Dresses

White summer dresses are a vibe and there is no denying it. From milkmaid to simple camisole styles, having at least one go-to white summer dress on deck will ensure you are prepared for a plethora of summertime activities that may come your way. 

Ribbed Tank Tops

While ribbed tanks might not seem "beautiful" to you on their own, they often serve as the gateway to a beautifully well-rounded look. Since this basic is one we tend to wear out, take this time to double-check the status of yours and if it's time to invest in a new one, we've got you covered. 

Crisp White T-Shirts

In a similar vein discussed up above, the power of a white T-shirt can only shine if it is, well, white. And for the record, I think a crisp white tee is a beautiful sight indeed. 

Sleek Leggings

Women have been wearing leggings as pants more and more throughout the past few months, and honestly, praise be. This comfortable and classic basic will always be in style, and thanks to the fashion girls on Instagram, we will officially never run out of ways to style them. 

Pleated Trousers

This top is cool, right? But this section is actually about the pants. A pleat-front trouser is the answer to making any top or blouse look ten times chicer, not to mention 10 times more expensive. 

Slip Dresses

Slip dresses are and have always been one of my personal favorite basics. This versatile dress can help you achieve multiple kinds of looks—from formal to extremely casual. 

Pearl Necklaces

Pearls are the definition of classic. While pearl necklaces might be trending right now, they are also the kind of basic that will always come in and out. 

Boxy Blazers

Blazers are relevant year-round, and yes, even in the summer. Throw them over a bra top, ribbed tank, or a T-shirt for the perfect lightweight jacket solution. And from personal experience, there is not one blazer I have purchased that I regret buying. And that's a fact. 

Frame Bags

Last but not least, structured frame bags. Even if a purse is not the most frequented accessory in your arsenal at the moment, there will come a time again when they will never leave your arm again. And when that time comes, equip yourself with a slightly vintage-inspired frame bag. This classic shape feels timeless but looks modern.  

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