In Desperate Need of a New Waterproof Bag for Winter? Here Are 20


(Image credit: @double3xposure)

When you think about winter you automatically think about coats, boots, scarves, gloves, and sweaters. You also think about hot chocolate, holiday parties, and gifts, but that’s another story. However, an underappreciated essential is a good waterproof bag. Yes, you read that correctly. Because when an unexpected snowfall gets you on your commute after work or when the weather app says it’s snowing but it’s really rain falling, you need a bag that has your back and won’t fall victim to the weather.

So, instead of sporting suede, canvas, or velvet bags, we highly suggest you go for patent PVC or leather bags, which will withhold much better than the others. Plus, they are guaranteed to look just as good (or even better) with all your winter outfits. So, if you were in the hunt of a stylish waterproof bag or now you never thought of owning one until now, then you came to the right place. From trendy, leather shoulder bags and practical and stylish tote bags to literal bags within bigger bags (for extra protection, of course), ahead we rounded up the best of the best.

Whether you were tired of your belongings going to and from your destinations all snowed up or simply want a new bag in your life (no shame), there’s one for you and your style.

If you’re looking for more stylish waterproof picks, look no further.