Make Like Wes Anderson With These Stylish Luggage Sets


Rex Features

If you’re a Wes Anderson fan like I am, you’ve probably seen most of his films. I have a soft spot for the director’s hyper-stylized aesthetic, and every time I watch one of his films, I instantly feel like I’ve been transported to this other cool world built around retro hues, quirky wallpaper, and artful symmetry. There’s even an entire Instagram account—@accidentallywesanderson—dedicated to the signature look.

Perhaps my favorite of his movies is The Darjeeling Limited, and ever since the first time I watched it, I’ve aspired to collect a set of matching luggage like the beautiful animal-adorned version the Whitman brothers carry through their travels in India. Whether you have an affinity for the classic leather trolley case styles or gravitate toward a more modern finish like aluminum, ahead I’ve rounded up stylish luggage sets to bring on your next vacation—and channel your inner Wes Anderson, if you so desire.