3 Fresh Ways to Style Your Cotton Basics for Spring

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As the material that’s used to produce most of the garments we wear on a daily basis (from shirts to denim to socks), cotton is the foundation of any modern wardrobe. But that doesn’t mean these staples have to be boring. Au contraire, say the fashion weeks of Paris, London, Milan, and New York (prime example: our first-ever show during NYFW, Who What Wear Runway created with Secret Deodorant). For spring, they’ve been reworked into on-trend pieces that finally feel fun again. We’re talking basic denim jackets with painted back panels and classic miniskirts done in tweed with that frayed hem style setters have been so enamored with as of late.

To give you a sense of how you can incorporate the trend into your own wardrobe, we enlisted the help of WWW Runway model and all-around cool girl Bianca Alexa, who dreamed up three distinct looks we’ll be living in this spring. Watch as a tie-front skirt, a neckerchief, and more are added to her outfit to create something special. The most important thing to remember when getting dressed in cotton? Protecting against sweat stains. Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant provides two times the sweat protection versus an ordinary antiperspirant, giving you confidence to wear your favorite pieces, cotton or otherwise. Hit play to see the trend in action and get much-needed inspo for your spring wardrobe refresh.

Jamie McKillop
Branded Content Editor

Who's your style icon?

'90s Cindy Crawford.

What's the beauty essential you can’t live without?

Tea tree oil. 

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A dirty gin martini, always.