Prepare to See This Embellishment on All Your Shoes, Bags, and Clothes This Year

As ironic as it sounds (given that I write about trends on a regular basis), it's not every day that one comes along that really inspires me to sit down and start typing away. And yet when I started to notice a slow trickling in of elevated and modern-feeling studded pieces (be it a pair of ballet flats, a leather jacket, or some slouchy jeans), that's exactly the feeling I felt come on, thus sending me down a rabbit hole of online shopping and image research all to determine just how major of a trend these rivet-covered pieces will soon become. 

One too many hours later, I came to the exact conclusion I suspected I would: Studded embellishments are en route to becoming one of 2023's most popular and ubiquitous trends. Thanks to brands like Khaite, Isabel Marant, Gucci, and more, the studs we used to know—think Avril Lavigne's signature belts or DIY Converse made with rivets bought at the craft store—have been made over and replaced with a chic alternative that's sure to give your wardrobe a cool yet hyper style-forward edge in the months to come. Below, shop all this trend has to offer. And trust me—it's offering a lot. 

Adding studs to a simple leather jacket can make a world of difference in the style department, significantly elevating the staple piece and transforming it into an eye-catching statement maker. 

Shop studded pieces:

If you already own one too many pairs of black loafers like I do, try this studded pair next. 

Now all you need is a party to wear this miniskirt to. 

This is the kind of bag that will lead everyone to ask where you got it, how much it was, and how they can get one for themself. 

My coworkers and I have been Slacking about these studded Reformation jeans for weeks. 

Find me someone living in 2023 who can resist a Coach shoulder bag. I'll wait. 

Who doesn't need a pair of diamond dusted jeans?

If you've never dreamed about this Prada studded bag, I'm honestly jealous. It 1000% keeps me up at night. 

Shop studded pieces:

Maxi denim skirts are really happening right now. 

For a less grungey take on the trend, this tote bag from Tory Burch is a great option. Not only will it fit every last unnecessary item you store in your purse, it'll also look shockingly good in the process.

The perfect mix of grunge and Western. 

These clogs are so understated yet the addition of the oversize studs makes them feel extremely current and envy enducing. I'm already picturing them styled with jeans, a T-shirt, and a statement belt, maybe in red or green or even black with a jewelry-like silver buckle.

I've been searching for a pair of elbow-length leather gloves to style with rolled-up sleeves for months now. But after spotting these studded, black ones, I think I'm ready to end my quest. 

Everything about these is giving cool vibes.

I can't get over how expensive these look. 

Consider me 100% influenced to begin adding one to many studded items into my winter and spring wardrobe. 

Shop studded pieces:

As the above photo proves, this top is absolutely Instagram-worthy.

I'm a sucker for a good vest. 

This dress lives in my dreams every single night, and no, I'm not exaggerating. 

Former Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele's reissued Diana bag—named after Princess Diana who favorited the style in the '90s—just got an edgy update. 

studded fashion trend



If you ask me, the more studs you add to a fashion item, no matter what it is, the better. These clogs, which feature a studded back strap, are proof enough of that.

I usually never wear heels this tall but this studded pair have me convinced that I need to give them a go. 

Dress up your boring black shopper tote. 

Rosettes aren't going anywhere anytime soon.