11 New Street Style Trends That Perfectly Encapsulate the 2023 Aesthetic

If there’s one way to get a read on what we’ll actually be wearing next season, it’s by examining the current street style trends. Yes, what comes down the runways is always important, but often, it's what happens outside the shows and on the pavement that carries even more influence, especially in our day-to-day wardrobes. There’s just something about seeing real people styling trends for real life that makes them seem much easier to re-create.

The street style set—whether it’s editors, influencers, buyers or celebrities—have, for a while now, been masters of both following and setting trends. And although some looks can still be a little out there (any of the Loewe autumn/winter 2023 collection is a case in point), the majority are elevated takes on everyday outfits. So they're our first go-to for clever styling tricks, unexpected combinations or hero pieces that ignite the trends we end up wearing for many years to come. 


(Image credit: Szymon Brzóska/The Style Stalker)

So, what is worth taking note of just as a new season is unfolding? Hopping from Copenhagen to NYC to London, Milan and Paris, I must have analysed somewhere in the region of 2,000 street-style shots. During my studying, I soon identified 11 trends that stood out from the rest; 11 pieces that, in my option, perfectly encapsulate the current style mood. 

From the flats that are in favour to the coat that's set to take over our wardrobes, keep scrolling to see and shop the best street style trends of 2023, and make next season your most stylish yet.

1. Silver Linings


Style Notes: Sometimes it's the littlest details that can make the biggest difference to your look and, this year, street stylers have employed jumbo silver earrings to do just that. Silver tones were predominant on the autumn/winter 2024 runways, but this is hands down the easiest way to wear the look. 

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2. Bookmark the Bustier 


Style Notes: Some trends you can spot from a mile off. Others, however, take a little longer to identify. It's only after looking at thousands of street-style snaps that I now see just how integral bustier tops have been to 2023's aesthetic. Often tailored, we saw them worn on their own, layered on top of shirting or placed under shoulder-robed blazers. Now, as we gear up for party season, I have a feeling this is one trend we'll be seeing a lot more of. 

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3. Dash of Chilli


Style Notes: Refining your wardrobe for the season ahead? One of the easiest ways to do so is with a pop of red, which was one of the quickest-to-identify trends of September's fashion month. Don't worry about matching it too perfectly to your outfits—choose one piece and make it stand out. 

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4. See Right Through You



Style Notes: Whether you're keen to practice your layering skills or are looking to add some sass to your look this season, let sheer fabrications steer your mood. Choose between see-through skirts worn overtop of big knickers, or perhaps a tulle dress styled with trousers. However, the swiftest way to tackle the transparent trend is by way of a blouse, as seen on Laura Harrier.

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5. There's Something About Mary (Janes)



Style Notes: If there's one shoe that surmises street style in 2023, it's the Mary Jane. Though heeled iterations are proving popular, those in the know have been gravitating towards flat styles, which work just as well with dresses and skirts as the do jeans and leggings. How's that for versatile? 

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6. Denim Unwind



Style Notes: A little less Britney and Justin and a little more modern, 2023 is all about doubling down on relaxed denim. Jeans have been a particular mood on the street-style scene this year, often worn with trench coats and blazers for low-key appeal. Loose fit, baggy jeans were all over the streets of Copenhagen, London and New York, reaffirming the style as the cool girl's trouser of choice.

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7. Any-Weather Leather


Style Notes: Coat season is finally upon us and if there's one variation the style set are backing, it's leather trench coats. Whether you opt for failsafe black, branch out with burgundy, or write your own rules with green, you can trust that your outfit will feel infinitely cooler with a leather coat in tow. 

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8. Go to the Ball


Style Notes: Street stylers have been having a ball in full skirts this season. A terrible pun, I know, but, speaking from experience, circle skirts such as this are a joy to wear. Most commonly worn with court shoes for an elegant finish, I'm also into the way some fashion people have chosen to wear them with chunky sandals and flat shoes, turning the '50s-inspired piece on its head and giving it a very modern twist. 

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9. Banana Milkshake 


Style Notes: Inject a healthy dose of colour into your closet with soft, expensive-looking tones of light yellow, which we've spotted everywhere from Copenhagen to New York. While most street stylers opted to wear it from top-to-toe (save for a black bag or shoe) try neutralising yours with camel, navy or even blue denim if the brighter hue feels too much. 

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10. Return of the Tank



Style Notes: Good basics never age, and the humble vest top is a testament to that. While Loewe's anagrammed tank continues to triumph in the world of luxury staples, street styles have been wearing unadorned versions nonstop. Look for styles with scoop necks and thick straps to emulate the street-style set. 

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11. Spotlight on Satin


Style Notes: Satin is proving to be the fabric du jour, and its all thanks to fashion's current affinity to fluid and draped silhouettes. From relaxed trousers toughened with leather to dramatic dresses that will work hard for those with busy social calendars, satin is the common denominator. 

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