5 Vacation Outfits That Require Zero Traveling

Apparently I didn’t get the memo to plan a big splashy trip to Italy this summer, unlike the 99% of people I follow on Instagram. But instead of sitting around stewing in my #FOMO, I’m going to make like a tourist here in my own city, good old Los Angeles. There’s that flea market I’ve been wanting to check out and the boardwalk I’ve always avoided—and obviously a ton of outfit ideas brewing for each.

The finishing touch to all these go-to summer looks? Tory Burch’s new fragrance, Knock on Wood. The mix of Turkish rose, Sicilian blood orange, Haitian vetiver oil, and magnolia is unexpected, elegant, and confidence-boosting (v. important as I gear up for a date with my city). So whether you have a trip planned, are in need of a new fragrance, or just want an excuse to scroll through some cute summer outfits for Insta-worthy outings in your own city, I’ve got you covered.

Check Out a Museum (or Two)

staycation outfit for the museum

I don’t know about you, but whenever I tell myself I’m going to check out a new exhibit, by the time the weekend rolls around, tickets are sold out, and it just never happens. Not this summer, though: I’m determined to take advantage of the warm weather and make a trip to the Getty. The grounds themselves are totally worth the trek (there’s arguably the best view in all of L.A.), and the art is always interesting, plus there’s an amazing café where I can have a glass of wine afterward. This sort of outing calls for something elevated yet laid-back: I suggest a flowy dress, flat sandals, and a large tote (gotta store that camera somewhere). Then just add the usual accessories, like a good pair of sunglasses and your favorite gold earrings (these ones are handmade). I don't mean to name drop or anything, but it's worth noting that Kendall Jenner was spotted wearing them. 

 Stroll Down the Boardwalk 

staycation outfit for the boardwalk

Everyone has a different idea of what the perfect vacation consists of. For some, the idea of roller coasters, ocean breezes, and deep-fried everything is what time off is all about. I’m not a big ride person, but I will admit that there’s something charming about an old-fashioned boardwalk. I’ve lived in L.A. for seven years, and I’ve never experienced—like, really experienced—the Santa Monica Pier before. But since I’m making a point to step outside of my comfort zone (shoutout to Knock on Wood for pushing me to live), it feels like it’s time… Taking cues from the ’70s (because nostalgia), I’d wear a one-piece swimsuit with high-waist jeans and sandals. I don’t want any outfit mishaps on any rides, so this feels like the safest and most stylish bet. Plus, the contrast stitching on the denim elevate them. (Read: you look pulled together even though you’re wearing a bathing suit and jeans.)

Explore and Shop a Flea Market

staycation outfit for the flea market

Let’s be real: Shopping is a huge part of my life whether I’m traveling or not… But I rarely hit up a new shopping hub or flea market, which is just so silly. Nothing makes me happier than wandering around in search of food and coffee while rummaging through vintage tees and other keepsakes for my place. This type of adventure calls for an outfit I can move in: namely, a slip dress (that's inspired by the impossibly-cool Georgia O'Keefe), embellished sandals that are as comfortable as they are chic, and a crossbody that’ll keep my hands free.

Plan a Picnic in the Park 

staycation outfit for a picnic

If I were exploring a city like Paris, I’d be so happy grabbing a baguette, cheese, and wine, and chilling in one of the many parks the city has to offer. So there’s no reason I should question doing the same thing in my own city; I’m surrounded by so many parks I’ve never taken advantage of. A summery dress that pairs well with a classic pair of clogs (ICYMI, the Dutch staple is having a major moment) and a woven tote makes for the perfect picnic-ready look. This one is handwoven in Spain (chic) and has the ideal degree of roominess.

Soak Up the Sun at the Beach 

staycation outfit for the beach

This might seem like an obvious one, but you’re never truly in vacation mode until you have a beach day. As in wake up early, get on the road before anyone else, and snag the best spot on the sand (i.e., away from volleyball nets). Beach days call for fun drinks, snacks, magazines, SPF, and a less-is-more kinda look (because sand is involved). I’m thinking slip-on sandals and an easy, breezy kaftan to wear over a swimsuit—because no one does a kaftan better than Tory. 

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