Statement Sunglasses Make Every Outfit 100x Cooler—I Tried the 5 Best Styles Out

I vividly remember riding in the back seat as a middle schooler and observing my friends’ moms in their Chanel or Gucci sunglasses as they whipped us around L.A. like the 13-year-old diva bosses we were. I could tell the sunglasses were deliberate stylistic choices based on the way they would talk about them and carefully place them in bulletproof cases, but I had no idea what the hype was about. Now, as an adult, I totally get the allure of sunglasses, especially the pairs that fulfill a need that is more than purely functional. As my collection grows, the process of picking between the different pairs feels more like a calling because each of them embodies an entirely different personality. Maybe my favorite part of statement sunglasses is that they have an extremely high payoff in comparison with how low-maintenance they are, which I’m sure you know by now is one of the hallmarks of my style.

Below, I’ve gathered some of the most beautiful statement sunglasses across the internet, including some vintage picks that will have you racing to checkout. As one of the most affordable designer accessories that exist, they’re a great investment piece and will hold their value for quite some time. With sporty shades and metal-framed pairs, keep scrolling to meet your new personality (or two).



(Image credit: @banniakabread)

Black sunglasses will never go out of style—period. Given the evergreen nature of these, you can play around with different shapes to find what looks best on your face, and you’ll find a plethora of options that fit the bill.

Shop black sunglasses:



(Image credit: @banniakabread; STYLING: Vada Tokio Sapphire Sunglasses ($495))

Sporty sunglasses have made a huge comeback, and there are so many iterations on the market these days. From a personality perspective, they instantly add an air of "I don’t subscribe to your dress codes,” so I love to pair them with business or formal outfits.

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(Image credit: @banniakabread)

I’m truly stumped on why tortoiseshell always looks so chic. That’s an investigation for another day, but these sunnies are forever cool. They function as the little sister to all-black sunglasses and work well for moments when you’d rather keep things light.

Shop tortoiseshell frames:

Metal Frame


(Image credit: @banniakabread)

I recently saw a throwback picture of Brad Pitt in a simple gray T-shirt, cargos, and the most perfect metal-framed sunglasses. Despite the photo being taken in the ’90s, the outfit felt so fresh and futuristic at the same time. You won’t need to overproduce the rest of the outfit because metal-framed sunglasses speak for themselves.

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(Image credit: @banniakabread)

Colored frames and lenses are a great opportunity to play with color in your outfit and make everything suddenly 10 times more interesting. Many times, all you need to get to the next level is a small adjustment, which is a lesson I’m currently learning. 

Shop colorful frames and lenses:

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