The Biggest Trend in Jewellery Is More Personalised Than You Think


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You can't say you've watched Sex and the City without thinking about owning a personalised necklace with your name across it just like Carrie Bradshaw's. Or perhaps you've have been drawn to the likes of mismatched earrings for a personal twist on the ordinary. If the jewellery trends of late (see: fine jewellery, gold pendants, and signet rings) have inspired you to reach outside of your accessory comfort zone, you're not the only one.

Being someone who never (I mean never) wore anything else but a watch every day, I have now come to love wearing jewellery with meaning and purpose—accessories that remind me of family traditions and the intricate pieces that shape my personality. What's trending for the upcoming season are a new take on the gold pendant necklace and a revised version of the initial trends we've seen on just about every accessory: The zodiac necklace.

With the 12 zodiac signs giving some insight and background to your character, each is unique and personal to your date of birth. Whether you're a sensitive Cancerian, a loveable Libran, or an independent Leo, a unique piece of jewellery will lighten the mood. Joining the zodiac bandwagon is designer Karen Walker, who has just released a collection that adds to her personal, special mix of estate and modern jewellery layering. Her thoughts of the trend? "The ability to wear a little token of your personality as told by the stars is what I love most about zodiac pendants," she says. "It makes it personal and so special and works especially well for those of us with graphically strong zodiac signs. Being a Sagittarius I'm lucky to have a great graphic—it's hard to beat an arrow!"

To find out what your star sign is, click here to enter your birthdate and keep scrolling to be inspired by personal jewellery and to shop the best zodiac necklaces for spring.

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