My Podiatrist Told Me These Fall Shoes Are Best for Your Feet

Back in September, I waxed poetic about the positive side effects of paying closer attention to the width of your shoes—the reason being that I tragically have bunions and subsequently can't wear certain types of footwear unless I care to subject myself to severe pain and discomfort. Thanks to a few wise words from my podiatrist, I realized the reason I was experiencing shooting pain up and down my foot simply from walking (tragic, I told you) was due to the fact that I was wearing shoes that were too narrow. I'd thought that by foregoing heels, I was doing everything in my power to aid the situation, but in fact, I was making it worse with my pointed-toe booties and flats. Once I corrected my ways, my bunion woes became a thing of the past. However, now that fall is here and I can no longer wear open-toe sandals, I have to admit I'm slightly concerned about these issues rearising—until I read a recent Vogue article highlighting a shoe trend that might help (in part) to solve my concerns. Read on to find out what podiatrist-approved shoe trend I'll be wearing the next six months.

I've always had an affinity for fashion that feels like you inherited it from your grandmother: brooches, blazers with shoulder pads, clip-on earrings, square-toe shoes… The latter, thankfully, was dubbed one of the five shoe styles you must try for fall. Vogue calls them The Power Flat. Aside from their subtle, unexpected nature, these shoes also happen to be less narrow than pointed-toe options. Translation: My podiatrist says they give your feet more room and are less likely to create foot pain. Sure, they're not as ideal as open-toe sandals, but small improvements, right? Scroll down to shop 19 of the season's best square-toed flats and subsequently make your podiatrist jump for joy.

Shop Square-Toe Flats to Make Your Podiatrist Happy

A pop of fuchsia a day keeps the podiatrist a way (or something like that).

Now I want buttons on everything.

I enjoy the pilgrim-esque vibe of these.

Black python print is my new favorite combination.

Is it just me, or can you envision the Olsens strolling around in these?

Sleek, sand-colored flats are just what the doctor ordered.

Patent leather, sharply pointed toes, and petite lace—color me enamored. 

For the lady looking for an extra-wide silhouette.

Doesn't get much more classic than square-toe Prada flats.

A punch of red is the perfect way to spice up your look during the frigid winter months.

Try these with sheer socks for a playful twist.

I can't think of anything in my closet I wouldn't wear with these.

Sergio Rossi does a fabulous square toe.

Meet your new favorite office shoes.

Don't have bunions but still want to know how to make your heels less painful? Right this way.