5 Spring and Summer Trends That Will Make Skinny Jeans Look Very 2023


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The skinny-jeans debate can be a very passionate subject for some. At the end of the day, you should always wear whatever you love and what makes you feel most comfortable. But it's true that anti-skinny jeans trends have been dominating over the last few seasons. That said, as we shared earlier this year, skinny jeans still have a place in a modern wardrobe (and really always have because they could be considered a classic at this point). The key to making skinny jeans feel forward and of the moment has to do with how you style them.

Below, we're sharing the spring and summer trends that look chic with skinny jeans and will make them feel very 2023. In reality, the trends ahead can be worn with any denim style, but they look especially cool with skinny jeans.

If you're in the market to add a fresh pair or reintroduce skinny jeans to your wardrobe, there's shopping inspiration ahead—along with picks for the trends highlighted. 

Ballet Flats/Flat Mary Janes


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Sure, you can pair just about any shoe style with skinny jeans, but ballet flats and flat Mary Janes are trending hard right now and bring an effortlessly chic spin to the look.

Oversize Shirt


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Oversize shirting continues to reign supreme. Whether you opt for a striped button-down shirt or a solid iteration, this is an easy pick that is just cool with denim.

Striped Knit/Tee


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A striped knit or tee could be considered an elevated basic, but fresh takes on the styles (this one has feathers on the sleeves!) matter this season.

Lightweight Blazer


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A relaxed blazer or a cinched-in silhouette in a lighter fabric brings a polished feel to an outfit with jeans.

Oversize Leather Jacket


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You can't deny the cool factor of a leather jacket to take your denim ensemble to the next level. A slouchier fit is where it's at for spring.

Next, check out the best shoes to wear with skinny jeans.

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